Food Safety

A Quick Review of Vitamin Toxicity, Part I
Volume 11, number 7, 3/26/93, page 12
Side effects of vitamins A, D, E, and K are reviewed. Please note that new research since this article was published shows that higher levels of vitamin D can be safely ingested. Conversely, recommended amounts of vitamin A are lower (in the range of 10,000 IU a day) unless higher amounts are used for the treatment of a specific condition.

A Quick Review of Vitamin Toxicity, Part II
Volume 11, number 9, 4/23/93, page 18
Side effects of the B vitamin are reviewed.

Caffeinated Beverages: The Hypertension Paradox
Volume 24, Number 12, 6/6/6, pg. 24
In a large study on Caffeine's effect on hypertension, there was a big surprise when regular & diet cola drinks raised blood pressure more than coffee even though they contain less caffeine.

Food Safety
Volume 14, number 7, 3/25/96, page 21
A chart of the most common micro-organism that causes Food Poisoning.
Tips to reduce spoilage and contamination in the refrigerator, while shopping, and during food preparation.

Genetic Modification of Organisms for Human Consumption Part 1
Posted 10/27/13
Some topics in nutrition remind me of politics because the spin, distortion and exaggeration make it difficult to determine the facts

Genetic Modification of Organisms for Human Consumption Part 2 - Pro’s, Con’s & a Loss Becomes a Win
Posted 10/27/13
When I was researching GMO, I was struck by how many one-sided information sources insist they are presenting both sides of the debate.

Genetic Modification of Organisms for Human Consumption Part 3
Posted 9/8/14
Overlooked and misunderstood aspects of GMO are discussed and placed in context. Best article of the series.

How Safe Is Our Food?
Volume 17, number 3, 1/26/99, page 26

Mercury in Seafood
Volume 25, number 16, 730/07
Mercury sources, an environmental cycle, health effects, and evidence-based health risks are reviewed.

Non-Mercury Toxins in Seafood
Volume 25, number 18, 8/27/07
A discussion of the sources and environmental cycles, health effects, and evidence-based risks of potentially toxic chemicals that may accumulate in seafood.

Summer Food Safety
Volume 14, number 15, 7/15/96, page 36
How to pick fruits and vegetables, commonly grilled/barbecued meat, poultry, and fish and what happens when those juices hit the charcoal.

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