Nutritional Services

1. Nutrition for Specific Disease or Condition.
I will recommend the vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, and other nutraceuticals that research has shown to control, stabilize, or resolve the problem or condition you have.* In addition to supplements, diet recommendations, including foods to eat and foods to avoid, will be discussed. This can be done to either complement the medicine you take or as alternative therapy.

2. Vitamin Review and Recommendation.
A review of all the supplements you currently take. This includes analysis of absorption, utilization, and potential toxicity. I will also discuss the rationale of what you are using. Many people use supplements based on advice from persons with no training in nutritional biochemistry or diagnosis. If you are taking something that is a waste of money, I will let you know. Conversely, if there is something important you are not taking, I will tell you how much to take and what the best brands are.*

3. Weight Loss Program.
I will take the time to learn how and why you accrued the weight and identify any dietary, lifestyle, physical, or psychological triggers that have been ignored or inadequately addressed. Then I will ID your likes and dislikes and design a program that blends flexibility, structure, tastes, and individual preferences with your goals. In other words I will correct your diet rather than put you on someone else’s.

4. Weight Gain Program.

In depth discussion about diet and supplements for gaining weight. Your current diet will be analyzed and improved. My program’s emphasis will be gaining muscle, not fat. I will let you know what works, what is legal, and what is bogus. Any supplements you currently take will be reviewed.

5. Sports Performance Program.

We will review the diet and supplements required to maximize your goals. Your current program will be analyzed and improved. If a supplement is natural, legal, and it works, I will tell you how much to take, what the best form is, and what type of results you should expect.

* Before any dietary supplement is recommended, I will analyze your diet to be sure your diet actually needs to be supplemented.

• All supplements you own whether you take them or not.
• Any protein powders you own.
• Any prescription drugs you are taking or a list.
• Any lab work you have had within the last 6 months.

Normal cases are concluded in one hour. However, multiple complaints and or complex conditions can require additional time.

Once the evaluation is complete, some patients will require a follow-up appointment. These are usually 4-6 weeks later and take no longer than 30 minutes.
To schedule your appointment, please call:
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