Clinical Nutrition Has An Anniversary, Too

G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN

I received an email from Dynamic Chiropractic informing me that today's issue will mark the 500th time DC has gone to press.  It got me thinking how long I have been here.  After a bit of digging, my first article was published on June 20, 1990.  Dynamic Chiropractic has come a long way since then because that article would not get published today.  In fact, many of the articles back then were large on dogma and short on evidence.  Dynamic Chiropractic really has gone from a tabloid to a publication the entire profession can be proud of.  It has been years since I have heard the acronym Dynamic Rag


Since this is an anniversary for both Dynamic Chiropractic and myself (one column a month for 14 years plus a handful of reviews and an occasional extra article on non-nutrition areas adds up to just about 200 columns), which you can now find on my web site,  It has almost all my articles from the past 14 years catalogued by both topic and title (I removed some of my early clunkers).  It is definitely the easiest way for you to find my articles.  It also includes every one of my Food for Thought commentaries (including How to pick a Chiropractor) as well as nutrition tables I have made and used for lectures, articles, and textbooks.  There is even some information regarding my availability for speaking engagements and nutritional consultations over the phone for your tough cases.


As the practice of Chiropractic continues to evolve the issue of "wellness" and what is needed to maintain it has also.  The ability of monthly manipulation to keep people well is dismissed by academic medicine and most of the academic wing of Chiropractic based on a gross lack of scientific evidence.  Yes, I will get some hate mail with a reference or two to an obscure journal.  But this pales to reams of data showing food, and to a lesser degree supplements, really can affect a person's health and wellbeing.  Although my column only appears once a month, it is rare not to find at least 2 articles on nutrition in every issue of DC (not counting what I write).  Fourteen years ago nutrition articles I did not write numbered maybe 10 a year.  Twenty-two articles then verses 50-60 today reflect both the growing importance of nutrition, and the realization by the editors of DC that chiropractors are in a unique position to educate the public in an area that can truly affect a persons "wellness".


I would like to thank Dynamic Chiropractic for continuing to grant me editorial freedom in the topics I choose.  I would also like to thank the readers for their great support over the years.  I promise I will do my best to seek the truth and keep writing about topics that will help us educate our patients and be better doctors.


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