Tired of Being Tired

Michael A. Schmidt, DC, CCN, CNS

Category: Patient education

Michael A. Schmidt, a chiropractor who specializes in nutrition, is probably best known for his books Beyond Antibiotics and Childhood Ear Infections. He is a faculty member at Northwestern College of Chiropractic, teaching biochemistry and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Schmidt's book is targeted toward people who suffer from fatigue. The educated, motivated lay person will extract a great deal of information from it. However, the real value of this book is for the clinician who has a background in biochemistry, nutrition, diagnostics, and encounters patients complaining of fatigue. The author has put together bits and pieces of information in a way that clearly illuminates the big picture of fatigue and low energy, especially to readers with a scientific background. Dr. Schmidt integrates many powerful testing and treatment tools DCs may not have had in school, but in most states are within the chiropractic scope of practice. Readers of this book will be much more confident addressing and managing those patients who complain of fatigue and related problems.

My only criticism of Dr. Schmidt's book would be the order of some of the chapters. I feel the history chapter (Chapter 28) should be at the front of the book, followed by the chapter on sleep and rest (Chapter 20), and chapters that address the more serious causes of fatigue like cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and other chronic conditions (Chapter 15). Dr. Schmidt does say on page 169 that serious problems should always be investigated before focusing on other causes of fatigue such as food allergy, intestinal problems, and nutritional factors (which are thoroughly covered in this book).

If you have an active nutritional component to your practice, this is a book that you should read carefully and keep in your library. If you do not have the time or interest to practice nutrition, I recommend that you either buy the book and loan it to your patients who have a symptom complex of complaints like low energy and fatigue, or provide them with information on where the book may be purchased. At $14.95, this book is an outstanding investment for the chiropractor who is accustomed to spending much more for texts, periodicals, and journals that provide much less information.


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