Chronic Sinusitis and Herbal Anti-inflammatories - a True Story

G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN

Volume 19, number 17, 8/13/01, page 20
A patient who was referred to me had a history of 30 years of sinus problems, which were dramatically reduced with an herbal anti-inflammatory formula that included boswellia, turmeric, ginger, quercetin, cayenne, and bioflavonoid

Any regular readers of this column know that I am not a big fan of testimonial and anecdotal "evidence." Having said that, this month I will tell you a true story with results so amazing that I decided to share them with you.

"Walter" was referred to my office for a weight loss program. He is 60 years old, 6'2" and 350 pounds. Upon taking his history, I had found that Walter had been suffering from chronic sinusitis for over 30 years. He had tried every type of antihistamine, allergy, cold and anti-inflammatory medicine without success. This included over-the-counter and prescription preparations. The only thing that worked for Walter for the last 30 years was daily doses of nasal spray.

I put Walter on a low-calorie, anti-inflammatory diet, which was no different than most DCs, NDs, RDs or CCNs would do. I substituted protein powder for beef and apples and oranges for ice cream: nothing special here. I also asked Walter if he wanted to try something for his sinusitis; he did. I gave him a powerful herbal anti-inflammatory product that contains boswellia; tumeric; ginger; cayenne; quercetin; vitamin C; and lemon bioflavonoids. I told him to take four pills at the onset of his symptoms, then 1-2 per hour, as needed. I also referred Walter to his family doctor to obtain bloodwork before his follow-up nutritional appointment, which was scheduled 30 days later.

Six days after our appointment, Walter showed up unscheduled at my office, and in front of a room full of patients demanded, "I want to see the doctor, now!"

My receptionist pulled me out of the treatment room with a worried expression on her face. "You better come up here fast."

I came up to the front, found Walter and told him I would be with him in a couple of minutes. He said no, he wanted to talk to me now. I attempted to have him come to my private office, but he would not budge. In front of a room full of people he stated, "I want some more of that stuff, and I want it now. And I want to thank you."

After a silent sigh of relief, I told Walter,"No problem." Walter went on to say that he had just come from his family doctor to get the blood test I had requested. He said that his doctor told him that he looked different. Walter said, "Darn right I do-and I feel different too. It is the first time in 30 years I am off the nasal spray. I sleep better at night, I have more energy during the day and I have never felt better."

Herbal anti-inflammatories can be a very powerful aid to the clinician. Although they are commonly used for musculoskeletal disorders, Walter is not the first patient I have had who has benefited from the above preparation for sinus problems.

For a more detailed review of herbal anti-inflammatories, please see my article "Herbal Anti-inflammatories" in the June 14, 1999 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic, volume 17, number 13, or you can get it from the website by clicking here


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