Chart Review

By: Douglas Andersen DC

ITEM: Two 22 x 36 inch six color laminated charts

SUBJECT: Peripheral Entrapment Neuropathies

Suggested retail price $49.95

Whether or not a patient marks it on his or her intake form, one my first symptom questions is "Do you have any pain, numbness or tingling down your arms or legs?"

When I hear the words "yes" or "sometimes", I begin to think about my differential diagnosis. In my mind I am thinking discogenic radiculopathy versus sclerotogenous pain pattern versus myofascial pain pattern versus entrapment neuropathy or tunnel syndrome.

Doctor Jeffrey Kintish has returned with another pair of wall charts entitled Peripheral Entrapment Neuropathies. One is for the upper extremity, the other, for the lower extremity. Using a half dozen different colors, Dr. Kintish has come up with another tool to easily educate patients about their condition. In this case, the six most common upper extremity and four most common lower extremity entrapment neuropathies. The conditions illustrated and described include piriformis syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, pectoralis minor syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Dr. Kintish has once again earned another ten in his expanding line of patient education charts.


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